Hattie Isadora (May) Rings
Born March 5, 1901 Pumpkin Ridge, Near North Plains, Washington County, Oregon
Married to Vernon Everett Rings Sepember 25, 1920 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon
Died April 28, 1982 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon.
Buried in Arcade Cemetery, Near North Plains, Oregon.
Great Aunt Isadora holds significance especially to my mother, Delores. When my Grandmother, Zelma May was giving birth in Salem, Oregon, Isadore was the midwife in attendance and offered her help and encouragement with her first child. All this occurred during the Great Depression in 1933 when times were tough and the funds weren't available to go to the hospital.


Becky Jamison said...

It's wonderful that you paid tribute to this woman!

Anonymous said...

Dear Delia,

If Hattie Isadora (May) Rings was your great aunt, she must have been your Grandmother Zelma May's sister. It is a touching story of her being a midwife.

1.Vernon Everett Rings (Sr.) and Hattie Isadora (May) Rings

2.Vernon Everett Rings Jr. (deceased) and C.R. (still living).

3.Vernon Everett Rings III (living) had a son,

4. W.R. (living).

I sent an e-mail to W.R. with a link to this page.

Delia Furrer said...

Aunt Isadore was my Grandfather's sister. Grandfather was John Doran May, second to the youngest child of the family.