Happy Valentine's Day
Today I feel it is appropriate to share a couple of Valentine postcards that I inherited from my mother that belonged to my Great Grandmother Nora Ellen Baley. These postcards mean so much to me because they show a side of her that is so unknown. Unfortunately, Nora died in 1937 when my mother was 6 years old.
Message says:
Lizzie to Nellie
Dear old Girl I would love to see you and have a long talk with you. I got your Valentine and think it was pretty. I bet you had a nice time in old Ark. (Arkansas where Nellie/Nora was born). I am going back about Easter Sunday to stay awhile while I and as ever Lizzie to Nellie.
I don't know who Lizzie is and it will warrant an investigation in the future. Here is another Valentine's postcard to Nellie:
This one had no message.
Enjoy the day.