I have some unidentified Ramsey children that I have been searching for several years.
1. Elizabeth Ramsey married John Hollingsworth (of Quaker descent) in Miami County, Ohio in 1809. Elizabeth I figured was born about 1794 or so. Elizabeth died between the 1830 and 1840 censuses either in Vermillion, Indiana or Vermilion, Illinois. John Hollingsworth is the son of Isaac Hollingsworth and Susannah Wright who came from Newberry/Edgefield County, South Carolina. John died in 1847 in Vermillion, Indiana. 2. Charity Ramsey married Carter Hollingsworth in Miami County, Ohio in 1810. Researchers say she was born about 1793 in Laurens County, South Carolina. Carter Hollingsworth and John Hollingsworth appear to be ½ cousins. They travelled together. Carter’s sons took care of John when he was sick according to John’s probate file. So there was a relationship of sorts. They lived in Vermillion County. 3. Susannah Ramsey married Gabriel McCool in Miami County, Ohio in 1807. According to the 1850 census, it appears that she was born 1786 in South Carolina. Gabriel McCool is a first cousin to John & William Hollingsworth. They lived in Vermillion. 4. William Hollingsworth oldest brother of John, married Rebecca Ramsey ca 1793. Rebecca Ramsey was born ca 1773. They lived in Vermillion. 5. Isaac Ramsey married Rachel Cook in 1822 in Indiana. Census 1850 says he was born 1805 in South Carolina. He is next door to a McCool. Lived in Edgar County, Illinois. 6. Sarah Ann Ramsey born 1780 married to Eli Thornton in 1796 in South Carolina. Lived in Vermilion County, Illinois. 7. William Ramsey married Rachel Coates in Miami County, Ohio in 1811. Not sure where they ended up. Don’t know anything else on this couple. Are these Ramsey’s the children of Mary Henderson (Quaker daughter of Nathaniel Henderson and Rebecca Thornton) and Isaac Ramsey (non Quaker)? Isaac Ramsey resided in various counties in South Carolina which included Edgefield and then across the river to the Richmond County of Georgia. What makes these families so difficult, is that Nathaniel and Rebecca’s children also married Hollingsworth’s. The inter twining web of these people is so complicated so I know that they are related in some manner! It is believed that Isaac Ramsey died shortly after 1800 possibly in Georgia and Mary had several young children and moved to Miami County, Ohio with her brother, Richard Henderson who had married (see #1 above) John’s sister, Rachel Hollingsworth. She may have died very shortly after the arrival. John Hollingsworth being the nephew of Richard Henderson. Most of the above Ramsey’s married in Miami County, Ohio with Quakers and pretty much all of them ended up in the areas of Vermillion County, Indiana and Vermilion County, Illinois which also had another Quaker settlement. These families didn’t marry Quakers and didn’t all stay in the church. No Ramsey’s appear on any of the Quaker records.


sheriese.ramsey said...

Ok, I read your page and I have some of the same people in my family tree. Except some of my info. is different.
This is what I have:

Mary Anne Henderson married Marion Thomas Ramsey

Mary Anne Henderson was born 1818 in South Carolina, and died 1908 in Bienville Par, La. She was the daughter of Jesse Henderson and Jane "Jincy" Harrleson.

Marion Thomas Ramsey was born 1813 in South Carolina, and died 1899 in Castor, La. Bienville Parish. He was buried in Ridge Cem., Castor, La., Bienville Parish. He was the son of Thomas Ramsey.

Children of Mary Anne Henderson and Marion Thomas Ramsey are:

Jesse Henderson Ramsey
Martha F. Ramsey
Mary E. Ramsey
William Franklin Ramsey
Sarah Jane Ramsey
Amelia Ann Ramsey
Daniel J. Ramsey
Mariah L. Ramsey
Nancy E. Ramsey
Margaret Elizabeth Ramsey

AS YOU SEE SOME OF THE PEOPLE MATCH. I hope that I was able to help you some. If you want to talk some more you can look me up on www.facebook.com my name is Sheriese Ramsey