Arcade Cemetery
North Plains, Washington County, Oregon
This stone stands out as a lonely burial admist a fairly well laid out cemetery. I have been intrigued by it for as long as I have been researching my family history. I have long suspected that this could be the son of a long lost family member. The location is amongst other relatives.
The epitath says:
son of Capt. I and Rose Johnson
Born May 15, 1903"
Who is this? The only possible clue of the passing of a Halvor Johnson is from the Oregon Death Index ( which lists:
Halvor Johnson died August 6, 1906 Coos County, Oregon. No indication of how old he was. I am ordering this from the Oregon Archives.
Rose B or Rosabelle May was born March 13, 1871 in Story County, Iowa and was the daughter of James and Susanna (Ballard) May. Rose is last found on the 1880 census of Sheridan County, Kansas. I cannot find this family in the 1885 census for anywhere in Kansas. The Mays along with the Hutchisons and many other family members left Kansas the summer of 1886 where then they settled and intermarried in Washington County, Oregon. They were a tight knit clan. No one in the family nor any of the other older family members (no longer living) knew what happened to her. Even though a family notebook that noted births, marriages and deaths of everyone she is a blank spot.
I have searched for Rose in every method and way imaginable. I have even searched variations of I. Johnson by trying Irvin, Ives, Ivor, etc. even using the word Captain. Nothing....
One clue that possibly Halvor could be Rose's son is her sister named her son Halvor. This name is not a common one used in the family. Part of my search indicates that Halvor maybe a Scandinavian name so kept the thought in mind that "I" could be Ivor or Ives.
Will await for the death certificate and will post later if I learn anything new.